Model CFA-24


Main Features

  • Ideal for Broadband Forum’s ID-337 Certification, TR-249 VDSL2 Vectoring Testing and VDSL2 Profile 35b
  • High performance transparent solution designed to automate testing of cable farms
  • Use additional units to expand the number of segments and channels
  • Multiple Vectoring groups per unit or across multiple units
  • Co-located and non-co-located test configurations
  • Connect cables once then switch programmatically
  • Automatically terminates unused channels and/or segments
  • Micro-Interruptions
  • Supports Reverse Powering for
  • Low crosstalk/low insertion Loss
  • Control/Power via Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Embed remote commands in scripts (e.g., TCL, Python)
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    product overview

    The Model CFA-24 Transparent Cable Farm Automation Switch is a transparent, electrically neutral, switching device that allows up to twenty-four incoming cable farm lines to be switched to five different loop segments. Use your own cable or purchase cable from Telebyte (see Ordering Information).

    Operating in a frequency band up to 212 MHz, the CFA-24 is highly suited to lab-grade testing of next-gen devices where live crosstalk is required (e.g., VDSL2 Vectoring or performance testing). Telebyte’s superior transparency delivers excellent crosstalk accuracy. Ideal for ID-337 Certification and TR-249 VDSL2 Vectoring testing.

    Now you can have a flexible cable farm with micro-interruptions that is easy to automate and configure. Also supports Reverse Powering for

    Configurations may be expanded by adding channel expander units, allowing users to scale the number of pairs that can be switched from 24 to as many as needed, in groups of 24. In addition, segment extender units can be jumpered together to add more line segments. Flexibility is further enhanced by allowing each unit to be configured for multiple vectoring groups as well as co-located and non-co-located configurations. This scalability optimizes your CAPEX budget.

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    Product Specifications

    Switching Capability Switching of up to 5 loop segments for 24 local loops (expandable by adding channel expanders and/or segment extenders)
    Insertion Loss across all  5 Segments (from CO side to CPE side)
      • DC to 17 MHz: less than 0.3 dB 
      • 17 MHz to 30 MHz: less than 0.38 dB
      • 30 MHz to 106 MHz: less than 0.57 dB
      106 MHz to 212 MHz: less than  0.89 dB
    Channel-to-Channel Isolation
    • DC to 17 MHz: minimum 81 dB 
    • 17 MHz to 30 MHz: minimum 76 dB 
    • 30 MHz to 106 MHz: minimum 68 dB
    106 MHz to 212 MHz: minimum  63 dB
    Impedance 100 ohms
    • Operating: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
    Storage:  -20°C to 70 °C (-18°F to 158°F)
    Operating Relative Humidity 0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
    • CO Input/Output: 6 x 8 Way Punch Down Blocks
    • CPE Input/Output: 6 x 8 Way Punch Down Blocks
    • Line Segments: 60 x 8 Way Punch Down Blocks
    Control: RJ45 (Power over Ethernet)
    Conductors Accepted Diameters from 0.6 mm to 0.4 mm
    Solid conductors
    Shielded or unshielded
    Dimensions Overall: 17.50”H x 16”W x 6”D (10-U High)
    Rack mountable (front and/or back) in 19” rack
    Micro-Interruptions Location: CO or CPE side - on any one channel
    Interrupt Time: 5ms to 100ms in 1-ms increments
    Power POE per 802.3af standard
    Cycles of Operation 1,000,000 Minimum
    DC Rating Maximum Tip - Ring Max Voltage:60VDC
    Max Interrupt Power: 62.5VA
    Max Carry Current: 2A

    Specifications are subject to change without notice. Made in USA.


    CFA-24 24-Channel  Transparent Cable Farm Automation Switch (Controller, Channel Expander or Segment Extender)
    CFA-KIT-PPKJ Kit to connect to CO and/or CPE side of test. Customer provides cable. Consists of RJ-45 Patch Panel (1-U high) and (24) CAT6 Keystone Jack (RJ-45) Connectors.
    CFA-KIT-PPKJ-CW1420 Kit to connect to CO and/or CPE side of test when using CW1420 Loop Segments. Consists of RJ-45 Patch Panel (1-U high), (24) CAT6 Keystone Jack (RJ-45) Connectors, 24 meters of CW1420 cable.
    CFA-CA-MGT Cable Management Kit. Includes 6 rack-mountable cable-tie bars with cable ties.
    CFA-POE-1 PHIHONG PSA16U-480(POE) 1-PoE Ethernet Adapter
    CFA-POE-4 Linksys LGS108P 8-port switch with 4 PoE+ ports
    CFA-POE-8 Linksys LGS116P 16-port switch with 8 PoE+ ports
    CFA-POE-12 Linksys LGS124P 24-port switch with 12 PoE+ ports
    CFA-PDTOOL-KIT Punch down tool
    CW1420-400 Spool of CW1420 400-m cable (4 pairs) for ID-337 testing.


    All switches verified and qualified for use with the CFA-24.
    Contact Telebyte to request qualification of alternate switch for use with this product.