Model 458-3SLB

Model VxT-N48
48-Channel AWGN Generator/Injector

Main Features

  • Three Model
    Generates/injects independent AWGN on any/all VxT-48 lines
    Distributes two combined noise sources (from Model 4901) across all enabled VxT-48 lines
    Injects multiple, independent noise sources (from Model 4901) onto any/all VxT-48 lines
  • Use with Telebyte's VxT-48 xTalk Emulator
  • Compatible with Telebyte's local loop simulators
  • Fine, 1dBm increments
  • Wide bandwidth (20 kHz to 30 MHz)
  • Noise Floor below -143 dBm/Hz
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    product overview

    The Model VxT-N48 48-Channel AWGN Generator/Injector is designed to interface between CO or CPE equipment and the Telebyte VxT-48 xTalk Emulator for VDSL2 Vectoring Testing. Operating in three modes, it will generate 48 channels of built-in, uncorrelated AWGN as well as inject up to 48 correlated or uncorrelated complex noises received from the Model 4901 Multi-Output Noise Simulator. The VxT-N48 accepts two SMB inputs per channel from the Model 4901 for easy combining of RFI, alien crosstalk, impulse and other noises for complex test scenarios on each channel. Two additional SMB's are provided for combining two 4901 outputs and then distributing them noise across all enabled channels.

    The front of the unit has two rows of twelve TERA connectors. Each of these connectors can connect to four line-pairs via a Category-7 cable. One row connects to the VxT-48 via short jumpers, while the other connects to the CO or CPE equipment. If the user wishes to add noise to both the CO and CPE sides of the test set up, two units should be purchased.

    Please note the VxT-N48 is compatible with Telebyte brand products only

    Built-In AWGN Generator Specifications:
    SimulationAdditive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN)
    Bandwidth Flat Power Spectral Density (PSD) over bandwidths from 20 kHz to 30 MHz
    AWGN Crest Factor => 5
    Output Impedance 4k ohm Minimum (20 kHz to 30 MHz)
    White Noise (AWGN) Generator -90 dBm/Hz to -143 dBm/Hz in 1 dBm increments
    Maximum Voltage Tip-Ring 200 V
    Output Mode Differential, balanced
    48 individually controllable, uncorrelated outputs
    Differential Mode Noise Injection Specifications:
    Bandwidth20 kHz to 30 MHz
    Output Impedance 4k ohm Minimum at point of injection (20 kHz to 30 MHz)
    Input Impedance 50O unbalanced
    Output Mode Differential, balanced
    Noise Floor Below -143 dBm/Hz as measured at the output of the noise injector
    Insertion Loss 13.0 dB
    System Specifications:
    Remote ControlEthernet, RS-232 and GPIB
    Front Panel Control LCD Display and keypad for setting AWGN levels and the IEEE-488 address, RS-232 or Ethernet communication parameters
    Size [2U] 19 in W x 22 in D x 3.47 in H (482.6 mm W x 558.8 mm D x 88.1 mm H)
    Connectors Uncorrelated Noise: 96 SMBs (2 per channel)
    Correlated Noise: 2 SMBs for all channels
    Modem/Crosstalk Emulator: 24 quad-channel high-speed CAT7 TERA connectors
    Power Supply AC 90 V to 264 V, 47 to 63 Hz, 100 W
    Environmental Operating: +32 F to +122 F (0 to +50 degrees C)
    Storage: 0 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

    Specifications are subject to change without notice. Made in USA