Model 600 Series

Model 600 switching matrix Series

for High-Bandwidth DSL Test Automation

Main Features

  • High performance transparent switching solutions designed to automate testing of VDSL2 Vectoring & technologies
  • Select from different modules for switching Twisted Pair cable
  • Switch in multiple groups of CPE’s, DPU’s, or DSLAM line cards to the test environment (Twisted Pair cable)
  • Bidirectional
  • Low Crosstalk
  • Very Low Insertion Loss
  • Supports Reverse Power Feed
  • Modules plug into multi-slot, rack-mounted chassis
  • Modular architecture allows for expansion
  • Can be controlled remotely via Ethernet
  • Custom cabling available
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product overview

Available in a variety of high-performance configurations for twisted pair cable, the new 600 Series product line allows users to automate and VDSL2 Vectoring physical layer testing. The Model 600 series is ideal for applications that require switching in multiple groups of CPE’s, DPU’s, or DSLAM line cards to the test environment.

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Ordering Options




Transparent Switching Matrix Module (1, 1x32) Twisted Pair Cable


Transparent Switching Matrix Module (4, 1x8) Twisted Pair Cable


Transparent Switching Matrix Module (2, 1x16) Twisted Pair Cable


Transparent Switching Matrix Module (8, 1x4) Twisted Pair Cable


Transparent Switching Matrix Module (16, 1x2) Twisted Pair Cable


Chassis accepts six 600 series modules. Required for control of modules.


8 Male CAT7 TERA to 32 CAT6 RJ45 Patch panel

600-Custom Cable Set

Custom cabling per customer requirements for CO and/or CPE side of test setup