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Model 458-3SLB

DSL Field Noise Capture Solution

Main Features

  • Capture, analyze and monitor live noise/interference on a DSL line.
  • Solution includes:
    o Portable high-performance system with 1 capture port
    o 2 TB of storage (~1.7 TB useable)
    o Easy-to-use interface
    o Nonintrusive differential probe
    o Automatic or manual control of recording
    o Concurrent visual feedback of recording time/free space remaining
  • 30-MHz solution suitable for ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 lines
  • Troubleshoot real field conditions
  • Export to wide range of file types
    o Computation of live Crosstalk PSD
    o Computation of live Impulse noise, amplitude and burst statistics
    o Prepare for export to Model 4901
  • Real-time, general-purpose Spectrum Analyzer
  • View noise in time/frequency domain
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product overview

Now you can capture live field noise and export it to a wide variety of formats. The DSL Field Noise Capture Solution is a portable high-performance system that records, displays, saves and analyzes samples of live noise for realistic Interoperability testing, circuit qualification, debugging of error conditions, lab design and more.

Bring live noise from the field back to the lab for injection into test loops. Prepare crosstalk and impulse files for export to the Model 4901 Multi-Output Noise Generator with this 30-MHz system, capable of transparently capturing ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 noise. The MATLAB-based interface provides convenient options for range selection, sampling rate, capture length and more. The solution operates in three capture modes for control of recording of time.

The Solution also acts as a real-time, general purpose, portable data acquisition system. This convenient feature can be used during installation and maintenance or for spectrum monitoring and analysis to support documentation and reports on the field environment.

ordering Option

Model 500-AC*
DSL Field Noise Capture Solution AC Version
Model 500-DC*
DSL Field Noise Capture Solution DC Version
Model 500-PC-CH Optional Hard Carrying Case Model 500-PC-CH Optional Hard Carrying Case
Model 500-PWRCNV Optional AC/DC Converter
Model 500-BAT Optional Battery Pack including:
560 watt hour with 2 regulated 28v outputs (3pin XLR) and 14v output (4pin XLR)
High rate NiMH cells provide up to 10 amps from the 28
volts channel and 20 amps from the 14-volt channel.
Charge time: Approx. 7-1/2 hours
Operating time: Approximately 2 hours, depending on demand
Dimensions: 10.25" x 2.25" x 8.50"
Weight: battery, 25.95 lbs; charger, 4.2 lbs
Charger, charger cable
Model 500-BAT-CH Optional hard shipping case for batter pack
*Includes Model 500-Probe DSL Field Noise Capture Probe and soft carrying case.

Solution Specifications - Software

Software (Field Noise Capture GUI)
File Size Continuous file capture until hard drive full or capture length reached, whichever occurs first.
Selections • Capture Mode or FFT Spectrum Analyzer
• Voltage Range
• Sample Rate
• Capture Time
• Portion for Analysis
• Storage location
• Manual Capture Start/Stop
• Trigger Voltage Level
• Trigger Sample Quantity and Length
• Pre-trigger Sample Quantity
Displays • Remaining capture time and free space available
• Captured sequence
• Noise Statistics
• Noise in Time Domain
• Noise in Frequency Domain
• FFT-based Spectrum Analyzer
Analysis • Computations accelerated using NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture
• Plot of waveform in time domain
• Plot of power spectral density (PSD)
• Probability density of:
     o Noise Amplitude
     o Impulse Burst Duration
     o Inter-Burst Intervals
File Export Wide variety including formats suitable for import into the Model 4901 Multi-Output Noise Generator

Solution Specifications – Hardware

Portable High-Performance PC
Processor 3.20 gigahertz Intel Core i7 960
Display 17” WUXGA+ (1920 x 1200)
Expansion Slots • Slot 1: PCI Express 16x (occupied)
• Slot 2: PCI-X 64 Bit/133 MHz (occupied)
Capture Modes • Noise Capture Mode
• Noise Monitor Mode
• Spectrum Analyzer Mode
Memory 8GB 667 MHz FBD RAM
Storage • O/S: 120.03 GB Solid State SATA SSD
• Noise Capture: 4 x 500 GB/ SATA 6.0Gbps/ HDD / 7200.4 RPM / 64 MB cache configured in RAID 0 / Avg Write Speed: ~400 MB/sec

Example of Storage Available for Three Sampling Rates (using Noise Capture Mode):
Storage Sample Rate (MS / s) Bandwidth Recording Time
2TB 105 30 MHZ ~2.4Hr
2TB 60 30 MHZ ~4.2Hr
2TB 34 17 MHZ ~7.4Hr
Ports (2) Gig-Ethernet RJ-45, PS/2, (8) USB2.0 (Type A), DVI Digital, HDMI, Audio/Mic line in/out
Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Power Available in AC or DC version
Noise Floor -140 dBm/Hz
Bandwidth Up to 30 MHz
Capture Channel 16-bit, 105MS/s, 256 MB memory

Solution Specifications – Hardware (continued)

Line Probe
Max. Signal Level (In Band) 5 V p-p 0 dB attenuation, 50 V p-p 20 dB attenuation.
Max. Input Voltage 200 V p-p AC Ringing, 400 V DC
Input Impedance > 4K-ohms Balanced
Attenuation 0 dB or 20 dB switchable with overload indicator
Output Noise Floor Below -145 dBm/Hz over Band
Bandwidth 20 kHz to 30 MHz
Connectors Input: 2, RJ-45’s for inserting into line
Output: 50 ohms SMB connector
Power +12V provided from external modular supply or powered by DSL Field Noise Capture portable PC

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Made in USA