Model 458-LM-A8-18A

Model 458-LM-A8-18A Simulator

Main Features

  • Simulates 26 AWG PIC as specified in ANSI T1.417
  • Bandwidth DC to 18 MHz
  • Ideal for testing ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, ADSL2++, VDSL,
    VDSL2(supports up to Profile 17a) modems/DSLAMs
  • 8 channels per line module
  • Loop lengths programmable from 0 to 15,000 ft in 1,000-ft increments
  • Plugs into our Model 458-CC-16 (16-slot) or 458-3SLB (3-Slot)chassis
  • Channel-to-Channel isolation up to 90 dB
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Product Specifications

Model 458-LM-A8-18A Simulator
Simulation Accurately simulates attenuation and impedance
Full bidirectional operation at all specified frequencies
26 AWG PIC as specified in ANSI T1.417.
Bandwidth DC to 18 MHz
Attenuation Accuracy
(when source and load
impedances are 100 ohms)
MAE < 1 dB 25 kHz to 18 MHz
+/- 1 dB channel-to-channel uniformity
Maximum Attenuation 90 dB
Impedance Accuracy Typically +/- 10% 25 kHz to 18 MHz)
Maximum Voltage Tip - Ring 200 V
Maximum Current 130 mA.
Connectors 8 RJ-45's on front, 8 RJ-45's on back.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Made in USA