Type: User Interface for 458 Products
Version: 1.4.56

Model: All 2, 3 and 16-slot chassis/control module products
All line modules except the 458-LM-E20 & 458-LM-J20

Filename: Size: 167 MB Release Date: 8/20/2012

Download 458 Universal GUI Software

  • Download the software by clicking on the download button at right. When the
    download window appears, click Save to begin the download process.
(167 MB)
v 1.4.56
Released: 8/20/2012

Installing the 458 UGUI Software

1) Unzip the 458 UGUI zip file and double-click the exe file to install. The License Agreement is shown.

2) Click I accept to continue. The Installation Options window is shown.

3) Select which components you wish to install and click Install.

Ø By default both the MCRInstaller and install options are checked. You may uncheck this box if you already have MCR 7.13 installed. If checked, the MCRInstaller will install the required MATLAB Compiler Runtime.

Installing MATLAB Compiler Runtime

1) If the MCRInstaller is selected, the Installing window is shown, followed by the Choose Setup Language window.

2) Select the appropriate language for this installation and click OK.

3) If the VCREDIST_X86 file is not installed, a window is shown allowing the user to install it. This file is required for proper operation of the MATLAB Compiler Runtime. Click Install to continue.

4) The progress of the VCREDIST_X86 installation is shown in the Status column. When this is complete, the MATLAB Compiler Runtime installation begins. Please note, version 7.10 of the MATLAB Compiler Runtime is shown for illustration purposes.

5) Complete the Customer Information fields and click Next. The Destination Folder window appears.

6) Select a new destination folder and/or click Next. The Ready to Install the Program window is displayed.

7) Click Install to continue.

Complete Installation

1) After the MATLAB Compiler Runtime is installed, the remaining files are loaded. When the installation is complete, the Completed window is displayed.