• This process can take approximately 40 minutes, depending on the connection speed on the 600. Telebyte recommends the use of Google Chrome browser (version-11.0.9600.17937 & update versions -11.0.22) for the most stability.
    • Download and unzip the firmware upgrade package on the remote PC.
  • DOWNLOAD LINK:   600 Series Control Center Software v2.6.0.1

  • NOTE: Unzipping the firmware upgrade package is extremely important. The upgrade will fail otherwise.

    • -Enter the static IP address of the unit to access the Main screen.
    • -Select Upgrade Firmware.


    An example of the Upgrade Firmware screen is shown above.

    • Retain Current IP: Check this box to retain the IP settings, if desired.
    • Select Firmware File: Click Choose File to search for and select the remote PC containing the firmware file. The filename of Mux-x.x.x.telebyte (where x.x.x represents the new firmware version) should be available for selection.


    • UPGRADE: Click the UPGRADE button to begin the firmware upgrade. The following screen is shown and displays for approximately 10 minutes:

    • -The following screen then displays a Progress Bar for approximately 40 minutes:

    • -The message “Firmware Upgrade Successful” is shown when the firmware upgrade is complete.

    • -Press OK and wait 3 minutes for the system to reboot.
    • -Type the IP address of the 600 system into the web browser to reestablish the connection. The MAIN screen appears with the new version number displayed at the bottom of the screen.