Type: Firmware
Version: 032715
458-3SL/3SLA/3SLB or 458-CM
Filename:  Size: 8 MB
Release Date: 04/2015

Instructions: Updating the Control Module Firmware through the Serial Port 

Please become familiar with this procedure before attempting to reprogram a Control Module.

Step 1 - Verifying the Currently Installed Firmware Revision 

  • Connect the 458-3SL/3SLA/3SLB or 458-CM to a PC using RS-232.
  • Turn the unit on.
  • Set the baud rate to 9600 using the front panel.
  • It is recommended that you first check the firmware revision that is currently installed in the 458-3SL/3SLA/458-CM and record the information, in the event it is needed at a later time. It is also recommended that you verify your new firmware version when installation is complete
  • To do this, use the HyperTerminal program (or equivalent) supplied with Windows. The instructions to do this are as follows:

To check which revision of software is loaded on the Telebyte Control Module, use the id command from a data terminal or a PC connected via the RS-232 port. 

To use the PC, use the HyperTerminal program.  It can be found at the following locations: 

  • Start

  • All Programs or Programs

  • Accessories

  • Communications

  • HyperTerminal

  • Enter the name "458" when the Connection Description screen appears and then press "OK."


  • Select the proper COM port when the Connect To screen appears and then press "OK."


  • The COM 1 Properties screen is shown.


  • Select a baud rate of 9600 (Bits per second) to match the Control Module settings.  Select databits = 8, parity = none, stop bits = 1, and flow control = none and then press "OK." 

  • To send the id command, enter "id" and press "Enter."  The Control Module software revision appears on the screen.


Note: After upgrading the software, the echo command may become disabled and it may seem as if there is no communication. To restore the echo feature, replace the id command above with "ee" to send the ee command.

Step 2 - What You Will Need To Update the Control Module Firmware 

  • A 458-3SL/3SLA/3SLB or 458-CM

  • A PC with an RS-232 serial port (e.g., com port 1) and Windows 95 (minimum).

  • A standard serial cable to connect the PC to the Control Module. (An example of this is a cable with a DB-9 male connector on one end and a DB-9 female connector on the other end).

Step 3 - Obtaining New Software

  • Download the software by clicking on the download button at right.  When the download window appears, click Save to begin the download process. Save the zipped file to the desktop.

(8 MB)
v 032715
Released: 04/2015
  • The downloaded file ( contains all the files listed below.

    • An MS-DOS batch file called 458_Update.bat
    • A hex file called 458_Firmware.hex
    • A zipped "Flip" file called FLIP  This contains the special "Flip" software and its setup installation file needed for the software upgrade.

    Note: some users may already have the "Flip" software installed on their computer.

  • Unzip the file. If prompted to overwrite existing files select Yes To All. Note: batch file (458_Update.bat) and the hex file (458_Firmware.hex) must be in the same location, within a folder named 458_Firmware_012914.
  • Unzip the FLIP file.  Run the SETUP.EXE file that is now available. Follow the instructions on the PC display to install the special "FLIP" software. Note: In some companies, software must be installed by an IT Administrator.  Contact your IT department if help is needed to install this program.
  • Restart the PC when prompted at the end of the installation.


Step 4 - Upgrading the Control Module Software

  • Connect the 458-3SL/3SLA/3SLB or 458-CM to the PC with RS-232 communication using the RS-232 serial cable.
  • The 458-3SL/3SLA/3SLB or 458-CM must be put into the BOOT LOADER mode in order to upgrade the software.
  • To initiate BOOT LOADER mode, first turn the power off to the unit, then turn the power on while holding C button on the keypad. The display should change to a mode that displays:


LCD screen in BOOT LOADER mode

  • This screen should remain on in the Boot-Loader mode until the power is removed.
  • If the display does not change as indicated, stop the procedure and contact Technical Support
  •   Double-Click"458_Update.bat" to run the update.

    •  During the updating process, a screen similar to the one shown below is displayed.  When the update is completed, check and verify that all of the tests show "PASS" and none of them display "FAIL."

    • If there is a test that displays "FAIL," contact technical support.

    • If all of the tests show "PASS," the update is completed.

    • Type "exit" and press "Return" to go back to Windows.

  • Power the 458-3SL/3SLA/458-CM off and then back on. The front panel LCD should momentarily display the firmware revision just installed.

 Step 5 - Verify Installation

  • It is recommended that you verify your new firmware version when installation is complete. Refer to Step 1 for instructions.