Model 458-3SLB

Model 458-LM-E1-36-TP100
Multi-Standard Local Loop Simulator
Supports VDSL2 Profile 35b and TR-114i3

Main Features

  • Simulates TP100 as specified in ETSI TS 101 270-1 & G.992.5 Annex M
  • Bandwidth DC to 36 MHz
  • Use for testing ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL2 chips/modems/DSLAMs
  • Ideal for testing TR-114 Issue 3
  • Loop lengths programmable from 0 to 9,000 m in 10-m increments
  • Plugs into our Model 458-CC-16 (16-slot) or 458-3SLB (3-Slot) chassis
  • Loop Lengths and AWGN levels can be controlled manually via front panel
    of chassis, or remotely via RS-232, Ethernet or IEEE-488 (GPIB)
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product overview

The Model 458-LM-E1-36-TP100 Multi-Standard Local Loop Simulator is the ideal solution for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and VDSL2 chip/modem/DSLAM testing. This single-pair loop simulator can simulate PE04 for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VDSL2 (including Profile 35b).

This versatile local loop simulator is plugged into our Model 458-3SLB (3-Slot) or 458-CC-16 (16-Slot) chassis where settings are controlled by a convenient keypad located on the front, RS-232, Ethernet or IEEE-488(GPIB). In addition, the user-friendly 458 Universal GUI may be used for remote control. The modular design of Telebyte’s products allows the 458-LM-E1-36-TP100 to be combined with other line modules for a wide variety of test configurations.

A bundle of the 458-3SLB, 458-LM-E1-36-04 and 458-LM-E1-36-TP100 is the most cost effective solution on the market for testing the loops in Annex B of TR-114 Issue 3.

Product Specifications

Model 458-LM-E1-30-TP100 Multi-Standard Local Loop Simulator with Optional AWGN Generator
SimulationAccurately simulates attenuation and impedance
Full bidirectional operation at all specified frequencies
TP100 as specified in ETSI TS 101 270-1 & G.992.5 Annex M
Bandwidth DC to 36 MHz.
Attenuation Accuracy TR-114 Issue 3 TP100 test loops (150m, 300m, 450m, 600m, 900m, 1050m, 1200m, 1500m, 2000m, 2500m, 3000m) MAE < 0.5dB
All other loop lengths TP100: Typically MAE < 1 dB 20 kHz to 36 MHz (when source and load impedances are 100 ohms)
Maximum Attenuation > 90 dB
Impedance Accuracy Typically +/- 10%
Maximum Voltage Tip ֠Ring 200 V
Maximum Current 130 mA
Connectors 2 RJ-45ӳ on front

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Made in USA